The Truth About FabFitFun

Every time you blink while scrolling through social media someone is talking about FabFitFun.

I know you’ve seen it. Most likely your favorite reality tv star, turned social media influencer was raving about it just moments ago on your Instagram feed. Is everyone a “FabFitFun Partner” these days!?

Really, is it that amazing?

The short answer – yes!

But first, what exactly is FabFitFun?

It is a seasonal subscription box full of all sorts of fun products and accessories. For $50 four times a year this box can be yours. You can get your first box for $10 off by clicking here!

FabFitFun truly is different than most other subscription boxes. Honestly, I have literally tried most all of them and it’s by far my favorite!

I have received sunglasses, makeup, expensive face creams, home goods, jewelry, pricey hair care products – the list is endless. And because they distribute a box every season, each one is customized to fit that particular time of year with a mix of products.

Please Note: If you purchase a box through the links in this post I’ll receive a credit from FabFitFun.

Here is the truly fab part – each box retails from $200 to $300! It’s really true. Every box comes full of high-quality, well-known, full-sized items. It really is a bargain.

Another bonus, many of the beauty products are outside of my normal budget. So it’s super nice to try expensive things for a reasonable price – especially before committing to pay full price.

The box I just received included so many fantastic and useful items! Here is a few things I received in my Spring 2019 FabFitFun box valued at approximately $282.94.


So bottom line, is the FabFitFun box worth it? For me, absolutely! The boxes are full of fabulous finds that are always full of chic and useful products. It’s also a fun way to treat yourself!

Want to try out FabFitFun? Use this link for $10 off your first box!

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