Exploring Europe: Out of the Office

Real talk – I think this blog post should really be titled “How the over analytical, anxious micromanager took a trip of a lifetime during her busiest season at work.”

A bit dramatic? Probably. I am nothing if not a little dramatic. However, I feel like I have a perfectly good reason this time…maybe.

So, let’s start at the beginning.

Last summer I received a wedding invitation from one of my childhood friends (shoutout Kenley). Normal right? Not in the least…because the wedding is in France. Yes, France!

My first reaction is probably what you would expect. I was thrilled! I mean, how could I not be, it’s basically a European vacation!

But then reality set in. How was I going to ask my bosses (yes, I have three) if I could be gone for 12 days in the middle of our busiest time of year?

Side Note: To help you understand the situation better, let me provide you with a little background regarding my job. The months of May, June and July are the busiest months of the year in our office. We are planning a very large student convention for 12,000+ people, at the same time we are also planning a teachers professional development conference for 2,000+ people. It takes a lot of teamwork, planning and content creation for the events to happen. But I love every moment of it! Seriously, I absolutely love what I do, and the summer months bring me a lot of joy and professional fulfillment.

The good news, my bosses are wonderful and they didn’t even bat an eye when I asked them for the vacation time.

The not so good news is this is exactly when my micromanaging, over analytical tendencies kicked-in and I began to freak-out and worry. How was I going to get everything done? What if I let my coworkers down because I was out of the office?

Then I realized I needed to get over myself. Everything would be fine.

I began to look at this as a professional learning opportunity.

For years I have had people tell me I need to work on my work/life balance. I just brushed them off. I’m in my twenties, single and love my job. I always thought, “Why not devote a lot of my time to work while I’m in this phase of life? It the perfect time for me to grow professionally.”

But I quickly learned a good employee finds balance.

So that’s what I am going to do!

Needless to say, my ever-present notebook housing my to-do list hasn’t left my sight. For the past couple of months I have done my best to plan ahead and be proactive.  

I know I am still going to be working on a few projects while I’m traveling. But…I am going to do my best to only work while I am on planes and trains. Hopefully!

Like I asked earlier, am I being dramatic? Yes. Am I overthinking everything, probably.


Even with all of the (mostly) unnecessary worry, I am still EXTREMELY excited for this trip!

As I was planning earlier this year, I got to thinking if I am going to pay to fly to Europe, I might as well visit some other cities. Right?! So I will be visiting Dublin, London, Paris and then the Loire Valley to celebrate Kenley and Matt.

I hope you follow along on my little journey across the pond. I’ll be posting tons of fun content over the next few weeks!

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