My Current Obsessions: May 2019

I love discovering new products, services, activities, ideas, Instagram accounts, etc. These are a few of my current obsessions that have found their way into my life!

Side Note: I am recommending resources and products, some I receive an affiliate commission for at no additional cost to you. I would greatly appreciate if you would shop using the links below. I can guarantee all recommendations are my unbiased and honest opinion!


White Nail Polish

Obviously this isn’t earth shattering or a bold style statement. I’m just loving white nails right now!

Side note: Try Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Top Coat. It is the best top coat I have ever tried!


Jess Phoenix

Jess Phoenix is a Seattle-based illustrator and designer. She specializes in florals and vibrant colors and I am obsessed with her work!

Her designs have been featured on different stationery, book covers, templates, and more. I’m actually currently working with this embroidery pattern of hers!

She also sells her artwork as embellished prints, using gold and neon paints to make each print rich and unique. They are beautiful and will totally brighten up a room!

You might have seen her work in Target, Starbucks, or tons of boutiques across the country. Check out her Instagram or website to see some of her colorfully bold designs!


Catwalk Italia Instagram Account

It’s one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. It is full of gorgeous, gorgeous fashion.

If you are a fan of all things editorial and red carpet fashion, you must go follow this feed!

The account features designers and celebrities from past and present.

MegaBabe Thigh Rescue

Let’s be real, the thigh gap is elusive. With that being true, chafing (I really dislike that word) is a real problem for most women, especially during the warmer months.

That is when MegaBabe’s Thigh Rescue saves the day. It’s basically a anti-friction stick that looks like deodorant, but protect against chafing.

The balm-like formula creates a barrier that sits on top of skin, allowing thighs that rub to glide smoothly against each other.

It was even the winner of 2018 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award for Best Anti-Chafe Stick!


BH Cosmetics Love in London Eyeshadow Palette

Just as I admitted in my recent ultimate favorite makeup blog post, I am a bit of a eyeshadow snob. There are a lot of options out there, but I expect the products that I use to be very pigmented and blend well.

I am here to tell you, not all eyeshadows are the same. Some are just way better than others, and more often times than not cheap shadows don’t live up to my expectations. But not this one!

I just recently got my hands on the BH Cosmetics Love in London pallet and let me tell you, it might be my new everyday favorite. The shadows are buttery soft and crazy pigmented! Plus it’s only $12!

Here are some of my other favorite BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes!


Get it here!

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