5 Things My Mother Taught Me

She is 5’4”. I am 5’10”.
She lives in sneakers. I live in whatever shoe is trendy at the moment.
She never complains about anything. I complain a lot.
She is super positive. I am definitely not.

I think you get the picture.

My mom and I are different in many, many ways. But, she is still my best friend.

She has spent countless hours building up my confidence, calming my irrational (and sometimes very dumb) anxieties, supporting me in every turn of life, and loving me.

It’s no secret that moms are great, but I think mine is especially amazing.

In honor of Mother’s Day and the amazing woman that she is, I thought I’d share some of the life lessons my mom has taught me over the years.

You Are Beautiful The Way You Are

Confidence in my appearance is something I have struggled with most of my life, and still do to this day. My mom is always the first person to reassure me that I am beautiful the way I am. As cliche as it may sound, it’s very true. You must find confidence in your own beauty and learn to love yourself.

Don’t Worry So Much

I am honestly surprised my mom didn’t change my middle name to “worry” when I was around 5-years-old. Really, I’m not exaggerating. I am truly baffled how she put up with my excessive fretting, and still does to this day. We have had many a long phone conversation where I over analyze the most insignificant things and she reassures me everything will be fine.

She has always said worrying is a waste of time, especially because most of the things we worry about never happen. It’s difficult, but I really try to remember this advice when the anxiety starts to creep in.


Complaining Doesn’t Make the Problem Go Away

Most people wouldn’t know it by looking at her, but my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost 20 years ago. Over most of my life she has fought chronic pain, fatigue and occasional impaired coordination.

Through all of this, she has NEVER complained once. Seriously. Not a single time that I can remember over the last two decades.

She is the strongest person I know and has taught me that complaining doesn’t make the problem go away. It just seems to bring more attention to it. Why whine about it, when you can do something about it.

Family Is Everything

Growing up my mom’s immediate family lived within 30 miles of our house, yet she was on the phone with them, just chatting, all the time.

My mom still talks to my grandma on the phone everyday. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized this isn’t something all families do. It’s just something my mom makes a priority.

Now I very rarely go a day without talking to my parents on the phone (usually while is sit in Austin traffic). Some might say this habit is codependent. To that I say, I don’t care… I like talking to my mom and dad. You should too!


Hard Work Pays Off

My mom taught elementary students for 32 years. As she was gearing up to retire she bought a local business. Now, she runs that business while also working for an agricultural education program that requires her to travel to grade schools in the North Texas area. All the while, she is continuing to help my dad maintain our small family beef cattle operation at home.

Needless to say, she is the definition of a hard working women.

She has always taught me hard works pays off. You get what you give and if you work hard, good things will come back to you. Even if you don’t see it now, have faith.

Even though I’ve spent years pretending I knew it all, I am beyond grateful for everything my mom has taught me. I would be lost without her.

Thank you mom, for everything you have done for me, taught me, and will continue to teach me. I hope that one day I can be at least half the woman you are.

I love you Momma Dunkerley <3

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